Tennis Elbow Relief

Physical activities or daily living activities that involve a lot of wrist extension can cause degeneration of the tendon leading to excess scar tissue deposits, dysfunction, and pain.
Lesson Overview
Scraping brings in fresh blood flow to the area which breaks down excess scar tissue, brings in healing nutrients, all helping restore the function of the wrist extensors. We want to scrape all the way down the back of the forearm to target the muscle bellies of the wrist extensors. Scraping over the actual tendon as well will bring blood flow into the area while also triggering the nervous system to have pain-suppressing effects. Stretching the elbow and wrist after scraping reinforces extensibility helping maintain or restore proper range of motion. Resistance exercises such as wrist extensions, pronation and supination target all of the different actions of the wrist extensors to build complete strength. This will restore the function of the muscles while also giving them the strength to tolerate more load to prevent the risk of overuse injuries. The extensor muscles cross the elbow joint so strengthening the musculature around the elbow joint is just as important.
Week 1
Week 1 of tennis elbow recovery will consist of light stretches to maintain the range of motion through the wrist and elbow joints. The strength exercises this week focus on the opposing muscle group, the wrist flexors, with some co-activation of the wrist extensors.
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Week 2
We will progress to more intense stretches at the wrist and elbow joints. The strength exercises for week 2 will focus on direct activation fo the wrist extensor muscles in all ranges of motion.
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Week 3
Week 3 will progress to strength exercises focusing on the muscles that work at the elbow joint.
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Tennis Elbow



*A good rule of thumb is to remain at about a  6/10 on the pain scale while scraping
**Ensure to ALWAYS apply your Revive Emollient spray (included with your purchase) prior to scraping.

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