IT Band Pain Syndrome

IT band syndrome is a common injury which presents as pain on the outside of the knee.
Lesson Overview
When bending and straightening the knee, the IT band rubs anteriorly and posteriorly over the tissues. An abnormal amount of tension in the IT band causes extra friction, irritation, potential scar tissue deposits, and pain. The extra blood flow from scraping breaks up extra scar tissue and improves the extensibility of the muscles to prevent extra tension and friction in the area. Strengthening the muscles in the hips, glutes, and thighs encourages the proper mechanics needed to reduce symtpoms.
Week 1
The first week of IT Band Syndrome recovery consists of stretches to relieve tension in the muscles which attach to the IT band. We will also introduce one non-weight bearing gluteus medius strengthening exercise to activate this muscle and stabilize the femur. Stabilizing the femur helps to reduce some of the friction leading to pain on the outside of your knee.
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Week 2
Proper alignment and biomechanics of the pelvis, femur, and tibia are all important for relieving symptoms of IT Band Syndrome. The exercises this week will strengthen but muscles responsible for maintaining this stability.
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Week 3
The stretches for week 3 of IT band syndrome recovery focus on the quadriceps and hips. The strength exercises focus on the smaller glute muscles which will help keep your pelvis and femur stable to reduce tension on the IT band.
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Week 4
Week 4 of IT Band Syndrome recovery will progress to compound exercises that target the entire leg while also adding an element of balance.
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IT Band Pain Syndrome



*A good rule of thumb is to remain at about a  6/10 on the pain scale while scraping
**Ensure to ALWAYS apply your Revive Emollient spray (included with your purchase) prior to scraping.

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