Shoulder Impingement Rehabilitation

When the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle becomes inflamed, it will impinge between the humerus and the acromion when you lift your arm.
Lesson Overview
Scraping has anti-inflammatory effects. Scraping the muscles around the shoulder joint will also improve extensibility, restore range of motion, and restore proper function at the shoulder joint. We will target the traps, lats, pecs, supraspinatus - which is the muscle often involved in the impingement. Stretching of all of these muscles reinforces the extensibility, helping open up and restore range of motion at the shoulder joint. Exercises like retractions, internal and external rotations work on improving strength of the rotator cuff muscles and scapular stabilizers to make the whole joint strong and stable.
Week 1
This week we will start with two light stretches to help maintain motion at the shoulder joint. We will then move into two strengthening exercises that will target the rotator cuff muscles while avoiding excessive, painful ranges of motion.
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Week 2
For week 2 of shoulder impingement rehabilitation, we will move on to mobility exercises that move your shoulder through a larger range of motion. The strength exercises this week will work on scapular stability which will in-turn help keep the entire shoulder joint more stable. Advanced scraping techniques are also introduced to help you get deeper relief in the pectorals and trapezius muscles.
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Week 3
The final week of shoulder impingement rehabilitation exercises includes 'thread the needle', which will increase mobility through the shoulder and mid back. The strength exercises this week require more load bearing and range of motion at the shoulder joint.
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Shoulder Impingement



*A good rule of thumb is to remain at about a  6/10 on the pain scale while scraping
**Ensure to ALWAYS apply your Revive Emollient spray (included with your purchase) prior to scraping.

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